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Artist: Taylor Wright

Eyes are the windows into the soul. If eyes are the windows, then art and music are the doors. That’s the thought that inspired my piece.

I think that every time an artist or musician creates, they put a piece of themselves into their work, and their spirit is visible in what they’ve created.

I wanted to give music a visible spirit in my painting, and decided to put down visually what I felt spiritually when I listened to my favorite songs.

I’ve been artistically creative for as long as I can remember, and my parents have always supported me in it. I started with drawing and then graduated from graphite to acrylics and watercolors when I was about five or six. I still draw, but acrylics are my primary medium. I still haven’t really used oils, but mastering them is my next artistic endeavor.

I turn 17 on July 6, and I’ll be starting my senior year as a home-schooled high school student this up-coming August. In the fall of 2012, I hope to start attending Herron School of Art and Design in order to attain a master’s in painting.


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