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Crowe’s Eye Photography Debuts in Carmel Arts & Design District

July 31, 2008

This month, Carmel’s growing Arts & Design District diversified its offerings even further with the addition of a new gallery catering primarily to the photographic arts.

Crowe's Eye Photography brings John Crowe and Joslyn Virgin Crowe to Old Town Carmel, a husband and wife team best known for photographing weddings and portraits throughout the Indianapolis area.

Trained as fine art photographers, John and Joslyn started their business in 2004, fusing their fine art background with their blossoming wedding and portrait photography customer base.

According to John Crowe, the couple’s work is distinctive because of its passion and light.

“Everything is defined by light. Without it, you wouldn't have anything to experience – no sense of color, space or dimension. And really, you don’t just need those elements in photography – you need them to experience life,” he said.

Through their intimate approach to photography, the Crowes explore their subjects’ characters, bodies, unique personalities and how participants interrelate and communicate with one another. The result is emotionally connected images that are classic in their approach, but contemporary in their styling.

The artists’ nostalgic style is perfect for capturing life’s most significant moments. On these occasions, most Crowe’s Eye clients delight at getting two photographers to chronicle their special event instead of just one.

“We always work together,” John shared, “We've thought of splitting up to cover two weddings a weekend, but we like to stick together. Our communication when we’re working is very deep – we can hardly move an eyebrow without knowing what the other is thinking.”

However, Crowe’s Eye Photography is not merely focused on the couple’s impressive wedding and portrait portfolio. When they aren’t posing blushing brides or chronicling babies’ first years, John and Joslyn focus on their fine art foundation.

“I like to photograph the landscape – like abandoned buildings, and the organic textures that exist when things decompose and oxidize,” John explained. “Dancers – like the performers we shoot from Dance Kaleidoscope – horses and things from nature that have a certain amount of depth are other favorites.”

The Crowes will celebrate their arrival in the Arts & Design District with an upcoming show highlighting Indianapolis painters – however, the primary focus of Crowe’s Eye Photography will be to promote and showcase photography.

To learn more about Crowe’s Eye Photography, call 317.924.8144 or explore the Web site at www.croweseyephotography.com. For a more information about Arts & Design District events and a list of galleries and shops, visit www.carmelartsanddesign.com or call 317.571.ARTS.


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