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Date:              December 04, 2007
Contact:         Andrea Stumpf (317) 571-2790

Holiday Art Contest Winners from Carmel-Clay Schools

Carmel, IN – Winners of the “Holiday in the Arts District” student art contest were recognized at a tree lighting ceremony during the Holiday in the Arts District festivities on December 1st.  Students from local schools were asked to submit a piece of original artwork with a holiday theme to the Arts & Design District Office.  Winning students were recognized by name and awarded a ribbon and small trophy for participating in the contest.

“This was our second year to host a student art contest in the Arts & Design District, and we were thrilled to receive so many wonderful and creative pieces of artwork from our young, aspiring local artists.  The Arts & Design District is an ideal location to display works by local artists of any age.” said Sherry Mielke, Director of Finance and Operations for the Carmel Redevelopment Commission, Arts & Design District Office.

A panel of judges from the Old Town Arts & Design District Merchants Association and Museum of Miniatures selected a first, second, and third place winner in each grade from among the entries.  A list of honorable mention artwork was also chosen.  The winning posters were chosen based on best representation of the theme and creativity.  

All entries are on display in participating businesses in the Arts & Design District throughout December.  Please see the list of merchants hosting student artwork below.  Artwork can also be viewed on-line at www.carmelartsanddesign.com.

“We are so grateful for all the young artists who participated in the contest, and allowed us to display their artwork in our stores for the holiday season,” said Lois Wyant, co-owner of Wyant Photography and Ami Gallery, and chairperson of the Old Town Arts & Design Merchant Association Event Committee.

Students not present at the tree lighting ceremony on December 1st, can stop by the Arts & Design District Office to pick up their ribbon and/or trophy.  The Arts & Design District Office is located at 111  W. Main Street, Suite 140.  Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9-5 p.m. or during Holiday in the Arts District activities on Saturdays, December 8th, 15th & 22nd from 1-5 p.m.

Student artwork can be picked up after the holidays at the Arts & Design District Office, during the month of January.  For more information, please call 571-ARTS (2787).

Holiday in the Arts District, sponsored by WebTech One, City of Carmel and the Old Town Arts & Design Merchants Association, takes place Saturdays December 8th, 15th & 22nd from 1-5 p.m. Visitors can enjoy free carriage rides, elves with live reindeer, merchant open houses and free gift drawings, holiday entertainment and a visit from Santa.  For more details, please visit www.carmelartsanddesign.com.

Below is a list of Holiday in the Arts District art contest winners for 2007:

Jillyn Worthen – 1st place
Chendi Liu – 2nd  place
Michael Uhrig – 3rd place

Honorable Mention:
Vibhu Iyer
Leila Sennour
Shelby Shaffner
Noah Steiner
Megan Weddle
Dane Wheeler
Tate Wheeler

1st Grade
Ann Kang – 1st place
Raigan Stanifer – 2nd place
Alina Yu – 3rd place

Honorable Mention:
Claire Bruns
Anna Collins
Lydia Copeland
Kaley Frenzel
Sean Gumbert
Breanna Hartung
Andrew Harvey
Sharif Johnson

2nd Grade
Mary Charlotte Osborne – 1st place
Spencer Giles – 2nd place
Ethan Counen – 3rd place

Honorable Mention:
Kate Deen
Katie Gauker
Karah Giesecke
Jack Haddad
Gracie Hamilton
Natalie Ho
Ally Hull
Guhan Iyer
Krissy Lawrence
Noelle Moorehead
Max Moroknek
Lily Plumlee
Amanda Schafer
Amin Sennour
Patrick Simpson
Joshua Watson

3rd Grade
Paige Fehn – 1st place
Ben Uhrig – 2nd place
Kate Vonderohe – 3rd place

Honorable Mention:
Mimi Arlt
Gabriele Brandt
Miranda Frausto Brunner
Kathleen Ho
Tessa Imperial
Tori Lents
McKenzie McCullough
Madisyn Molloy
Katherine O’Dell
Beau Plumlee
Elizabeth Schumacher
Christopher Seals
Skyler Stanifer
Christian Watson

4th Grade
Colin Kolbus – 1st place
Susana Peredo-Muniz – 2nd place
Sarah Tinaphong – 3rd place

Honorable Mention:
Jennifer Booher
Ella Brunner
Kate Bruns
Stasia Mallin
McKenna Straton
Katie Zhang
Stephanie Zhang

5th Grade
Elizabeth M. Murray – 1st place
Dorothy Nguyen – 2nd place
Kelsey Vonderohe – 3rd place

Honorable Mention:
Cal Deen
Maria Frenzel
David Goldberg
Kelleen Haddad
Lauren Hull
Emma Johnson
Quinton Litel
Katie McGinnis
Kennice Wroblewski

6th Grade
Becky Shaffer – 1st place
Sarah Bruns – 2nd place
Maddie Brunner – 3rd place

Honorable Mention:
Nicole Heffern
Lawrence Johnson

7th Grade
MacKenzie Litel – 1st place
Veronica Trump – 2nd place
Addison Roberts – 3rd place

Honorable Mention:
Katy Arland

8th Grade
Caroline Zhang – 1st place
Maggie Zhang – 2nd place

Student artwork can be found at the following locations:

Artisan Masterpiece
19 E. Main St.

  • Mimi Arlt – 3rd grade
  • Stasia Mallin – 4th grade
  • Skyler Stanifer – 3rd grade
  • Stephanie Zang – 4th grade
Artichoke Designs &
Artichoke Designs Studio

10 S. Range Line Rd.
or 240 Main Street West
  • Kate Bruns – 4th grade
  • Cal Deen – 5th grade
  • Chendi Liu – Kindergarten
  • Susana Peredo-Muniz – 4th grade
  • Addison Roberts- 7th grade
Arts & Design District Office
111 W. Main Street, Suite 140
  • Paige Fehn – 3rd grade
  • Ann Kang – 1st grade
  • Colin Kolbus – 4th grade
  • MacKenzie Litel – 7th grade
  • Elizabeth M. Murray – 5th grade
  • Mary Charlotte Osborne – 2nd grade
  • Becky Shaffer – 6th grade
  • Jillyn Worthen - Kindergarten
  • Caroline Zhang – 8th grade
Blue Egg Gallery
430 N. Range Line Rd.
  • Gabrielle Brandt – 3rd grade
  • Guhan Iyer – 2nd grade
  • Christopher Seals – 3rd grade
  • Megan Weddle – Kindergarten
Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream
210 W. Main Street
  • David Goldberg – 5th grade
  • Lauren Hull – 5th grade
  • McKenzie McCullough – 3rd grade
  • Noelle Moorehead – 2nd grade
  • Amanda Schafer – 2nd grade
  • Amin Sennour – 2nd grade
Carmel Music Center
22 W. Main St.
  • Maria Frenzel – 5th grade
  • Katie Gauker – 2nd grade
  • Ally Hull – 2nd grade
  • Elizabeth Schumacher – 3rd grade
  • Noah Steiner – Kindergarten
Christian Science Reading Room
21 W. Main Street
  • Jennifer Booher – 4th grade
  • Breanna Hartung – 1st grade
  • Katherine O’Dell – 3rd grade
  • McKenna Straton – 4th grade
  • Christian Watson – 3rd grade
CK Designs Hair Salon
5 W. Main St.
  • Sean Gumbert – 1st grade
  • Madisyn Molloy – 3rd grade
  • Katie Zhang – 4th grade
Deborah DeFazio Lyons Portrait Studio
43 W. Main St.
  • Dane Wheeler – Kindergarten
  • Karah Griesecke – 2nd grade
  • Joshua Watson – 2nd grade
First Ave. Cookie Co.
79 1st Ave. S.W.
  • Ella Brunner – 4th grade
  • Claire Bruns – 1st grade
  • Sarah Bruns – 6th grade
  • Ethan Counen – 2nd grade
  • Spencer Giles – 2nd grade
  • Katie McGinnis – 5th grade
  • Dorothy Nguyen – 2nd grade
  • Beau Plumlee – 3rd grade
  • Raigan Stanifer – 3rd grade
  • Sarah Tinaphong – 4th grade
  • Ben Uhrig – 3rd grade
  • Michael Uhrig – Kindergarten
  • Kate Vonderohe – 3rd grade
  • Kelsey Vonderohe – 5th grade
  • Alina Yu – 2nd grade
Grosser & Co. Master Jewelers Inc.
2 W. Main St.
  • Kate Deen – 2nd grade
  • Andrew Harvey – 1st grade
  • Sharif Johnson – 1st grade
  • Lily Plumlee – 2nd grade
  • Shelby Shaffer – Kindergarten
Joe’s Butcher Shop & Fish Market
111 W. Main St, Suite 110
  • Katie Arland – 7th grade
  • Kaley Frenzel – 1st grade
  • Kelleen Haddad –5th grade
  • Nicole Heffern – 6th grade
  • Emma Johnson – 5th grade
Lucky Lou
111 W. Main St., Suite 130
  • Lydia Copeland – 1st grade
  • Jack Haddad – 2nd grade
  • Tessa Imperial – 1st grade
  • Krissy Lawrence – 2nd grade
  • Max Moroknek – 2nd grade
  • Tate Wheeler – Kindergarten
111 W. Main St., Suite 100
  • Lawrence Johnson – 6th grade
  • Vibhu Iyer – Kindergarten
  • Ann Kang – 1st grade
Museum of Miniature Houses
111 E. Main St.
  • Gracie Hamilton – 2nd grade
  • Quinton Litel – 5th grade
23 E. Main St., Suite 100
  • Maddie Brunner – 6th grade
  • Veronica Trump – 7th grade
  • Maggie Zhang – 8th grade
Teresa Chapman State Farm
14 W. Main St.
  • Leila Sennour – Kindergarten
  • Miranda Frausto Brunner – 3rd grade
  • Kennice Wroblewski – 5th grade
The Great Frame Up
21 1st St. S.W.
  • Anna Collins – 1st grade
  • Tori Lents – 3rd grade
  • Stephanie Zang – 4th grade
Wyant Photography
240 E. Main St.
  • Natalie Ho – 2nd grade
  • Kathleen Ho – 3rd grade
  • Patrick Simpson – 2nd grade


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