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Date:           August 2, 2004 
Contact:      Nancy Heck (317) 571-2494

Release:      Immediate

First Two Exterior Building Improvement Grants Given
Carmel, IN – After the Carmel Redevelopment Commission meeting on June 15, 2004, two local businesses received grants to improve the exterior of their existing buildings. Ferrin’s Fruit Winery and Ballcards Unlimited, two local businesses located in Carmel’s Old Town and Arts and Design District each received a $5,000 grant. The Carmel Redevelopment Commission decided to offer five $5,000 grants to already-existing businesses in downtown Carmel to be used for exterior remodeling.
            “We are putting a lot of effort into trying to get new businesses to be a part of the changes, but we wanted to offer something to existing businesses. These grants will allow the local businesses to alter their appearances to fit in with the new structures, while maintaining their own individual looks,” Director of Redevelopment Les Olds said.
            To qualify for a grant, interested businesses, which already were established in the area,  were required to submit an application, accompanied by photos of their existing building, drawings of the proposed changes and a cost estimate of the projected expenditures. Within one year, all work must be completed and inspected, to satisfy grant requirements.
            “I think that it is great that the City is trying to make the downtown area a more enjoyable place for everyone. They needed to do something to get more people to come downtown and it will. If each business gives a little bit to the cause, the area will look better. When it all comes together and is finished, it is going to be great,” Ballcards Unlimited owner Bob Merrill said.
            “We are excited to welcome new businesses to our city, but we do not want to forget those that have been faithful and dedicated to the community already. These grants are a way for us to show our appreciation to them for all that they do for the City of Carmel. By receiving these grants, owners will be able to be directly involved in the changes taking place in their own community, as well as increase their property values,” Mayor Jim Brainard said.
            Applications are still being accepted for the three $5,000 grants still remaining for 2004. For further information regarding these grants, please contact Les Olds, Director of Redevelopment, at 571-2492.

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